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The abundant nuttiness floating in a crackling sea of savory smoothness will have your mouth watering for more. Peanuts? Macadamia Nuts? Cashews? Almonds? Don’t worry; Judy's Candy Company has them all — individually or in concert with a Mixed Nut selection that would be any squirrel’s dream. Nut brittle made the old-fashioned way with a classic family recipe that embraces innovation to change the brittle category forever. Try the Popcorn Nut Brittle and you‘ll see what we mean. Brittle buffs will never settle for anything less once they’ve tasted the snappy goodness of these brilliant delights. Generous amounts of the finest natural ingredients crafted to crunchy perfection. Try every fabulous flavor in our distinctive Brittle line — you’ll go nuts.


Also available in Sugar-free: All of the sweetness, none of the sugar:

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