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Savor the taste of the true art of fine Caramel confection. For over forty years, Judy's Candy Company has put its

loving hand to the creation of a Caramel line that blends yesterday's quality with today's freshness. Cream and sugary sweetness laced with chocolate or vanilla and some with whole-roasted premium nuts, cooked to harmonize into a gooey chewy blend of perfection... a symphony of savory sweetness.

Only a master candy maker has the instincts to devote the time and care to produce the touch of the hand that you can taste in every piece. That's the unique quality of Judy's Candy Company.

Classic Caramel Creations. Truly "One of a kind… made one at a time."

  • Vanilla: Perfect for the most discerning of Caramel conservatives. Simply divine.
  • Chocolate: Vanilla or chocolate? Not a hard choice for some. This is the chocoholic’s dream where Caramel and Chocolate do a love tango on your tongue.
  • Triple Treat: Yes, you can have it all! A delicious streak of marshmallow in between chocolate and vanilla makes this a universal favorite.
  • Vanilla Almond: Chunks of premium California Almonds create a crunchy counterpoint.
  • Vanilla Pecan: Generous bits of crisp Georgia Pecans give each piece a crisp burst of Southern spice.
  • Sugar Free Caramel: All of the flavor, all of the
    sweetness, all of the chewy goodness and
    absolutely none of the sugar to darken the
    dieter's conscience.

      Also available in Sugar-free: All of the sweetness, none of the sugar:

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