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Our Story... In 1972, Jerry and Judy Shelton opened a small candy store in the heart of downtown San Francisco. In the back of the store, behind a long, narrow front counter, equipped with just two small mixing kettles and a marble slab table, Jerry made chocolate fudge and caramels, while Judy dipped candy apples and molded popcorn balls. The retail business blossomed, and the demand for their "hand-made" chocolates and caramels outgrew the small storefront. They were so successful that in 1979, they decided to devote their business entirely to wholesale manufacturing. Many of Judy's employees have been with the company for over 40 years, and the staff is treated like revered members of the family.

The warm scent of butter, chocolate, caramel and sugar hits you the moment you enter the door at Judy’s. In keeping with tradition, the caramels are still stirred in handsome copper kettles that date to the 1920's, sitting on ancient Vulcan burners with ornamental claw feet. The nuts are freshly roasted, trays of polished toffee cool in their racks, and caramels are still cut by hand.

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